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CFT Highlights

  • Strong & Dedicated Team: The CFT Holdings team has significant China market, gas and finance industry backgrounds. The technical team has CBM experience in various areas of the world encompassing Europe, Asia and Australia. The company expects to continue to supplement its leadership strength with future appointments of experienced Directors from the CBM sector.
  • Fast Tracked from Exploration to Production: A significant portion of exploration has been carried out by Longmay, allowing CFT Holdings to move to production at a uniquely swift pace.
  • Palpable Production Secured: CFT Holdings success earmarked as CBM is already being extracted from Longmay’s coal reserves.
  • Significant Resources: Preliminary estimates of between 2-7 trillion cubic feet of contingent resources expected. Observed properties of Permian coals provides confidence in delivering commercial quantities of coal bed methane (CBM) in addition to ongoing mine safety requirement for drainage extracted coal mine methane (CMM).
  • Resources Attached to Major Operating Coal Mines: Coal seam gas is attached to Longmay’s operating coal mines which have a 30 year operating history. CMM from operating mines is currently being extracted and vented.
  • Attractive CJV Terms: CFT Holdings receives 80% of gross profits from the gas recovered for the term of the CJV coupled with board and management control.
  • Security of 45 Year CJV: Positive relations within the regulatory environment due to Longmay being one of China’s leading coal mining companies.
  • Encouraged Industry in China: High level of Chinese government support for foreign investment in Coal Seam Gas industry in China.
  • Strong Gas Market Drivers: Powerful and urgent demand for natural gas in China. Current and future pricing trends favourable.
  • Gas Pipeline Sales Agreements Achievable: Via its CJV partner, Longmay Coal. 45,000 households are linked into infrastructure through which CFT Holdings will be supplying gas.
  • Further Acquisition of Chinese CBM Projects Likely: CFT Holdings has signed MOUs for additional major projects in pipeline with substantial coal seam gas deposits.
  • Development of ULDS: Future licensing of patented CFT Holdings technology to CBM mining companies globally, minimising the traditional objections to CBM mining and opening up previously inaccessible CBM resources.

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