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About CBM

It is a cleaner energy resource as natural gas emits over half as many greenhouse gas emissions as coal.

CBM production involves the extraction of water from the coal beds/seams through the reduction of water pressure and as a result of this drop in pressure the gas is released from the coal. 

CBM has very low solubility in water and readily separates as pressure decreases, allowing it to be piped out of the well separately from the water.

Currently, natural gas from coal beds accounts for approximately 7% of total natural gas production in the United States. The largest CBM resource bases lie in the former Soviet Union, Canada, China, Australia and the United States.

Potential uses for Methane gas recovered from degasification includes pipeline injection, power generation, sale to local markets for domestic/industrial consumption and LNG production. At present, most recovered coal mine methane is sold through natural gas pipelines.

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